Video Viral

By Bilal Kuchay

This is the dramatic moment a three-storey building in Pakistan catastrophically collapses after it developed cracks due to excavation in the adjacent plot.

The building which contained the offices of a leading electronic appliances provider – was located in the Bahria Town, Lahore – but was reduced to rubble in a matter of few seconds.

Visuals show bystanders observing the building from a distance as it develops cracks. Several of them capture the moment in their smartphones.


Some people are seen running as the building collapses amid huge clouds of dust.

Fortunately, there was no casualty reported in the incident, however, the collapse resulted in huge financial losses.

Shoaib Younus, Marketing Head at Digital World Pakistan Technologies, said: “The plot adjacent to the plaza was excavated extensively which disturbed the balance of the soil beneath the building. 

“Also, during excavation an underground water pipeline bursted, resulting in water pooling beneath the building foundations.


“We were lucky in getting all the workers safely out of the building before it went down.”

Eyewitness say that they felt as if an earthquake had hit the place as the building collapses. 

An employee, Abdul Rehman, said: “We were too lucky that we realised it two hours earlier that building foundations are getting too weak and went out of the building. 

“We felt as if an earthquake has occurred when the building went down.”