Video Viral

By David Aspinall 

This sassy toddler caught making a huge mess with paint claims she’s not in trouble as her mum loves her after blaming the carnage on her baby sister.

While out of the room, Krystal Comittino thought her two-year-old Kelsie would quietly watch cartoons at home in Youngsville, North Carolina, USA.

However, when she entered the room she was met with a toddler, carpet and furniture covered in the paints she was about to take to work with her.

After admonishing Kelsie – who blamed the mess on her 10-month-old sister – Krystal is then hilariously told in no uncertain terms her eldest daughter ‘is not in trouble, you love me’.

Krystal said: “I tell Kelsie when she makes a mess, she’s in big trouble.

“This time she told me she wasn’t in big trouble because I loved her.

“Her voice was soft but cunning.

“I had to hold back tears because I was trying not to laugh so much.

“As a parent, you never want to encourage your child to talk back but I wanted to pick her up because I’m glad she knows she is loved.”

While cleaning dishes in the kitchen, Krystal left her unopened craft paint and brushes in the living room for just a couple of minutes.

Having explained that she needed the instruments and weren’t to be played with, she believed they would be safe while unsupervised.

Krystal said: “Kelsie has made a hobby of making messes, like most 2 year olds do.

“I figured it would be okay to leave the paint out because it was non-toxic and had not been opened.

“There was a lid to screw off the paint and a safety seal to peel off before anyone could use it.

“I thought there was no way she could do that herself, but boy was I wrong.

“This time, she blamed it on the baby, which was new.

“As soon as she said that, I pulled out my phone to record the video so I could show it to her dad and grandma.”