Animals Video

By Charlotte Regen

This little cat’s gone quackers! The foolish feline was caught licking a giant toy duck instead of her own leg.

Juno the cat was captured on film making a pretty basic cat error.

She seems to be trying to groom herself, but has overshot her marker and is actually grooming a giant toy duck.

Fluffy Juno was caught on camera by her owner Sara Dawn Shulz in Spring City, Pennsylvania.

Sara said: “I’ve never seen her clean the stuffed animal before but she loves to lick whatever she can –  if I’m laying next to her she will lick my arm the entire time. 

“I thought it was funny and adorable, she’s not the smartest cat and this proved it.

“My first reaction was to laugh and then I thought I should record it so I could share it and remember it. It went on for about a couple minutes until I made her stop.

“My boyfriend was with me, he was actually using the stuffed duck as a pillow so he didn’t see it but he said he could feel it every time the duck moved.”