Offbeat Video

By Sophie Norris

This Dalmatian-mad ‘dog mum’ has transformed her home into a museum inspired by her first ever puppy – splashing out more than $1,000 to create a dog-themed pad.

Amanda Renae, 23, bought little Cloud 18 months ago and claims in the space of a day, her house was completely dedicated to the pint-sized pup.

The self-styled ‘stay-at-home dog mum’ even took the permanent step of having a tattoo of her pooch’s spotty markings on her arm to immortalise her love for him.


Amanda, from Michigan, US, said: “What started as a small idea quickly, within 24 hours, turned into the home of my dreams.

“At first, it was a little collection but quickly turned into the idea of doing my whole room based around him. When I first showed him my room he was so excited.

“Since I bought him, I’ve spent around $1,000 [£736] on decorating my home. The paint to do my room fully was already close to $200 [£147].

“My bed sheets are all Dalmatian themed, my walls are spotted and every shelf in my bedroom has something Dalmatian-related on it.

“I’ve also gotten things around the house like towels and decorations. The public areas of my house have Dalmatian things scattered throughout but nothing compared to my bedroom.


“Cloud growls and barks when he sees my life-sized Dalmatian stuffed animal though.

“He thinks it’s another dog so I actually have to put it away when he comes in my bedroom.

“I decided to decorate my room because I fell in love with my little man and think Dalmatians are absolutely beautiful.

“I love my house and bedroom, it gives me a sense of comfort.”

Not only is her home her own spotty paradise, she now has a tattoo which perfectly replicates the markings on Cloud’s back.

Amanda said: “With my tattoo I wanted something unique, I didn’t want the typical paw print that so many people have.

“The tattoo artist actually said they’ve never done anything similar before. He’d never done anything that even looked like fur but handled it like a champ.

“Cloud has sniffed my tattoo in the past as if he knows it’s something related to him but I’m not sure how much dogs actually understand.”


Dog-mad Amanda has dedicated her life to the pooch after being diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease and loves being a ‘dog mum’.

She claims that while Cloud was an ‘in the moment decision’, she couldn’t imagine life without him.

Amanda said: “Cloud is your stereotypical, insane puppy. His energy level is far higher than any other pup I’ve ever met.

“I’ve actually had cats in the past but nothing compared to the endless love of a dog.

“He loves going for walks and playing at the dog park with his other four-legged friends. He’s extremely social and overall a good dog.

“He’s the first dog I’ve ever owned myself and he’s like my child.


“I’ve always been in love with the breed and the black on white fur since I was a child, which is funny because growing up I never really liked the 101 Dalmatians movie.

“But Cloud was an in-the-moment decision. One night I was browsing Dalmatians in nearby states then drove eight hours to get him when the weekend came.

“I knew when I met him and took him home that he was going to be a huge part of my life. In just his short year-and a half of life he’s changed my life forever.”

Despite still living at home, Amanda claims her parents don’t mind her eye for canine-themed décor.

Knowing her love for Cloud and his breed, her friends also encourage her ‘adorable ‘Dalmatian museum’


Amanda said: “I still live at home with my parents and they don’t mind me starting to turn their house into a Dalmatian museum. They love Cloud as if he is their grandchild.

“My friends and family love it, they’ve never seen anything like it before. They call it unique and adorable.

“When I get my own house I’ll allow Cloud to have his Dalmatian-themed bedroom with a fake fire hydrant, painted wall and a little house-shaped as the fire department – I want it all.”