Video Viral

By Curtis Mitchell 

A bizarre video of a pair of house trained parrots using the toilet on command has become an unlikely viral hit.

Filmed in Carolin Von Petzholdt’s home in Los Angeles, California, USA, the weirdly fascinating footage shows off her well-behaved birds Angel and Hope reacting to her prompts.

Initially perched on a towel rack in the bathroom, Carolin says ‘poop, poop’ and holds her forearm out for Angel to fly down.

After landing perfectly, the parrot defecates directly into the bowl and flies back to the ceiling, with Hope repeating the trick moments later. 

Incredibly, the footage has proved to be a massive hit having been viewed more than 2.3million times on Carolin’s Facebook.

She said: “It’s great because I don’t need to clean up after them. 

“When they were very little I observed their behaviour every time they went to the bathroom. 

“I timed it and when they had to go I caught them and hold them over the toilet and said the words ‘poop poop’.

“Once they were finished, I gave them a loud and happy positive reinforcement as a happy scream.

“They loved it and memorise it that every time they go to the bathroom they are getting a happy mom shoutout.

“Within a day, both understood the concept of ‘poop poop’.

“It’s the consistency to keep it up and asking them every time if they need to go. 

“Poop poop is best in the toilet and not on my carpet.”