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By Lauren Fruen

THIS plucky dog manages to get around on only two legs after she was shot in the back.

Two-year-old Victoria was left paralysed following the incident and both of her hind legs had to be amputated.

Pic by Kay Hoskins/Caters News

But brave Victoria still manages to get around – even without the help of wheels.

Incredible footage of the pup shows her using her upper body strength to run about.

She manages to walk along on just two legs after being found abandoned on the side of the road and rescued by Family Dog Rescue back in 2016.

A vet has even said she doesn’t need the wheelchair anymore – but foster mum Kay Hoskins said they still use it on longer walks.

Pic by Kay Hoskins/Caters News

She said: “Victoria does not seem bothered by this at all. She’s actually much better off running about on her two front legs.

“She has amazing upper body strength.

“She is a sweet, cute, funny little dog who loves to zoom around, play with her dog friends, and cuddle with her humans.

“Whether in her wheelchair or her drag bag, Victoria is quick on her two remaining feet and would make a great running partner.

Pic by Kay Hoskins/Caters News

“Due to her paralysis, Victoria needs her bladder manually expressed a few times a day, which is easy to learn and she is a good patient.”

Family Dog Rescue are now hoping to find Victoria a forever home. 

They say only applications in or near the San Francisco Bay Area will be considered.

But the group are also looking for help with the outstanding vet bill for her two surgeries at