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By Charlotte Regen

A ‘wax whisperer’ doctor has revealed why NOT to get a tragus piercing – after he was forced to use forceps to delicately retrieve a stuck stud from a woman’s ear.

Neel Raithatha took less than a minute to pull the silver stud from the unwitting patient’s ear canal, where it was resting against her eardrum.

The doctor, who runs private audiology practice The Hear Clinic in Oadby, Leics, used crocodile forceps to remove the jewellery.

Dr Raithatha said the stud, fitted through the tragus – a flap of cartilage near the entrance to the ear canal – fell inside the woman’s ear after she tried to push it through the closed-over piercing hole.

He said: “The patient had accidentally lodged the earring in their ear canal and it was resting right up against the eardrum.


“It was a stud which fitted through a tragus piercing, but the piercing was old and had closed so the patient tried to ‘reopen’ it by applying pressure to the stud. 

“They accidentally applied too much force, resulting in the earring falling inside their ear. 

“Given the earring was spherical, it was difficult to grip in the first instance without inadvertently pushing it further in.

“The process took less than a minute using crocodile forceps, but I had to be very careful when gripping the earring as it could easily have perforated their eardrum.

“It was an interesting case – this, alongside a pen cap, is the worst item stuck inside an ear I have ever seen.”