Animals Video

By Ben Walley

This video reveals the harsh life of a little Tuna Crab.

The unlucky little crabs are seen being bashed around by the ocean, flung through seaweed, before being gobbled up by a herring gull.


It seems it’s a tough life when you’re at the bottom of the food chain.

Filmmaker William Drumm captured the footage of the unlucky crabs in Monterey, California.

The 32-year-old says he finds their little lives fascinating and that he actually feels sorry for them.


William said: “This video is edited to show their life summed up in 15 seconds – I think it’s fascinating.

“It is like they have no control over their lives. They just get drifted away by the water at all times and then end up being food. 

“It is quite unfair really – I feel sorry for them!


“These crabs are associated with massive swarms especially coming to land during El Nino events. 

“I filmed this in Monterey, California when a giant gathering of them formed.

“I believe that they are also considered an indicator species in relation to climate change.”