Animals Video

By Katy Gill

A dog that is so infatuated with bread has been captured jumping for joy over the sight of his owner’s toasted breakfast.

Cooper, a toy fox terrier, is seemingly not phased by his prolonged jumping spells, bouncing on the spot with his mouth open and tongue sticking out, mesmerized by the buttered toast sat on the kitchen table.

The 2-year-old pup has been obsessed with toast since he was a pup, his owners said, and he has figured out that jumping for extended periods of time may result in being rewarded with bread and butter.

Owners Kelly Auger and Bob Warner, who are now used to Cooper begging for a bite, soon realized that their energetic companion was such a big fan of bread, he will happily eat it with his every meal.

The pair decided to capture Cooper’s antics in a hilarious moment in March, 2017.

Kelly said: “Cooper has always been a playful dog. He will jump on the spot for a long while before stopping for a short break.

“It’s just bread in general that he loves.

“As soon as he sees bread, he will repeatedly jump until we give in to him and share a slice.

“He is content with every meal – as long as he has bread.

Bread is known to be a common treat for dogs and is said to be generally safe for them to occasionally eat.