Animals Video

By Taniya Dutta 

This is the moment a venomous cobra was filmed laying 23 eggs after being rescued from a terrifying family in an Indian city. 

The cobra had crept into the house of Prakash Swain in Bhubneswar in Odisha in eastern India, early morning on April 27. 

The petrified family had called snake catcher Purnchandra Das after finding the snake hiding in the dark but warm store room. 

A soon as the catcher put it in a bag, he realised the cobra had laid three eggs in it. 

He called Snake Helpline, an NGO dedicated to rescue and conservation of snakes, for help. 

Shubhendu Malik, General Secretary of the organisation then asked Mr Das to immediately take him to his NGO. 

The activist then placed the cobra comfortably in a well-ventililated plastic basket, lined with newspaper where it went on to lay a total of 23 eggs.   

Mr Malik said: “It is not a typical sight when we see a cobra laying eggs. For any snake enthusiast and conversationist, it is an exciting moment so we filmed it in mobile camera. 

“The cobra was found coiled around at the store room of Mr Swain’s house at around 5:30 am. They called Das for help who later brought the snake to our office. 

“By 1 pm, the snake had welcomed all her eggs.”

Malik had released the cobra into the wild the same day but the eggs were kept for artificial incubation. 

He said: “We will keep the eggs in artificial incubation for upto 60 days, that is how long snake eggs typically take to hatch. After that, the hatchlings will be released back into the wild.”

The video shot by Mr Mallik on his mobile camera shows the mother coiled around the oblong eggs inside the box. The cobra’s hood is raised and it often hisses at the camera.