Animals Video

By Kirstie Sutheran

A determined Pomeranian stole a flip flop straight off his owner’s foot before running off with it.

As Thomas Aravains relaxed at work in San Agustin, Colombia, his pugnacious puppy Fluff decided he really wanted a new bit of footwear.

Having relentlessly nibbled at the 22-year-old’s toes, finally the kleptomaniac canine grabbed the sandal in its teeth.

Initially struggling with the footwear which is almost the same size as the tiny pooch, Fluff trots off, dragging the flip flop behind him.

Thomas said: “I was just sat in the chair and he was attracting my feet and biting my toes and the chewing on the flipflop trying to drag it away from my feet then I let him have it.

“I just laughed because the flipflop is the same size as him. 

“He ran away with it then took it back to his dog bed.”