Animals Video

By Charlotte Regen

This speedy zebra made a quick getaway when a lioness came racing after him.

Despite the lion’s mighty charge, the zebra was able to outrun her and left her hungry.

Lucien Beaumont captured this incredible chase on camera in the Tarangire National Park, Tanzania.

He says he was amazed to catch such a primal moment on camera.

Safari guide, Luicien Beaumont, said: “It never gets old, it is always amazing to see a lion chase in the day out in the open.

“It only went on for maybe 10 seconds – I was there with another fellow safari guide and they were just as amazed and excited.

“The lioness did try to catch the zebras again – she rested for about half an hour before she attempted again, but missed. 

“We thought that she may have cubs, so she was really trying to secure a meal. Lions’ success rates go up as it gets dark, this was late afternoon, so I am sure she had success that night.”