By Pete Goddard

This brave heron was snapped taking a ride on the back of a Canada goose.

The chummy pair was photographed in a lake in Florida, but all is not quite as it seems.

While the heron is real, the goose isn’t quite as real as it might be – it’s actually a sturdy plastic ornament.

Pic by Diana Cabre Rose/Caters News

The hilarious pair was captured on camera by Diana Cabre Rose, 75, from her back garden.

The semi-professional photographer has been taking pictures for the past 20 years and loves when she can capture such an unusual moment on camera.

Diana said: “When I first saw the heron on the goose I was really excited because they are much larger birds.

“Our herons and other large wading birds here in Florida pretty much stay around, at least they do in our immediate vicinity.

“I was puzzled thinking how he was going to take flight off a non-stationary perch. I grabbed my camera and first hid behind trees in my backyard because most herons fly off when they see me coming with my extra-long lens with the long black shade on it.

“But, this particular heron didn’t seem to mind me focusing on him so gradually I crept closer managing to get some good shots.

Pic by Diana Cabre Rose/Caters News

“I eventually switched to manual and captured some great morning light. I’m always overjoyed when I realise I captured a unique subject. But, I didn’t get to see him fly away – he remained there for many hours.

“At first sight very few actually think the goose is fake, unless it’s someone who knows that geese don’t come here often.

“The decoy goose float, which is water-tight, is used to hold up an irrigation pipe; is suspended in the water, not laying on the bottom of the lake.

“This is good for the pump. Moreover, the floating goose replica looks nicer than an empty Clorox jug which many use to hold up their pipes

“I do have photos of a flock of geese that stopped by a neighbour’s backyard/lake a couple of years ago.  When the geese were ready to leave, they lined up on the shore in formation and walked into the water then took off over the lake like an Air Force squadron.

“It was unbelievable how organised geese can be in that respect. They didn’t mind my being there shooting them with a camera on a tripod with a weird long black sun shade.”