Offbeat Video

By Nelson Groom 

Incredible footage shows a ladybird swarm of biblical proportions underneath a radio tower in regional Australia.

The tower, near Mount Burr in South Australia, has become an unlikely tourist attraction with locals visiting to capture the extraordinary sight.

Striking video shows the insects blanketing the base of the structrure and a surrounding building in a four-inch thick mass has sent social media into meltdown.

Photographer Steve Chapple, 62, has captured the phenomenon over the past seven years but said this season has been the strongest yet.

Steve said: “I couldn’t believe it when I first saw it this year, it was incredible.

“They had swarmed the surrounding infrastructures and the base of the tower, which is about five metres by five metres. The ladybirds had to be in the millions.

“I put it down to a great season of breeding. This year is by far the thickest I’ve ever seen them, they’ve just exploded.”

Steve said he had been visiting the location for the past seven years after being told about it by a friend.

He said the spot is so popular that tourists have been converging there to capture the unusual phenomenon.

But it won’t be a permanent fixture as the mass will have moved along by the end of the month.

Steve said: “’They start turning up at the end of March and by the end of May, they’re all gone.

“Once you get up close they swarm you. They cover your equipment and everything.

“They pulse when you see them up close, the whole mass are moving. Its’ the greatest spectacle of nature I’ve seen in my life.

“It’s becoming a significant tourist attraction. People are travelling from interstate. It’s unlike anything else.”