Animals Video

BY Katy Gill

This giant shellfish was captured showing off to an unsuspecting diver, opening up to reveal its inner and rainbow-coloured insides.

Eric Desmet recalls being ‘speechless’ when he spotted the creature during a recreational dive off the coast of Weh Island, Indonesia, on March 14.The giant clam can be seen increasingly spreading open, revealing its galaxy-styled insides, as shades of blue and green illuminate the ocean floor.


The shellfish – which can reach a length of 3.9 feet (1.2 meters) and weigh up to 440lbs (200kg) – was sandwiched between dull-coloured rocks and underwater fungi, catching the diver’s eye from the surface.

Eric said: “This was magnificent. I’ve been on many dives in my life and have never come across anything as beautiful as this.

“I was left speechless and mesmerised by its true beauty.


“I uploaded it to my online diving page and received nothing but positive feedback on it, with people telling me how beautiful it was.”The giant clam is said to play a valuable role underwater life, as they filter the water’s pollutants and algae.

They are, however, also said to be diminishing quickly, due to being harvested for food and being prized by aquarium owners

The video, which was posted shortly after being filmed, has since received more than five thousand views online and almost 70 shares.