Offbeat Video

By Charlotte Regen

A woman found herself covered in baby kangaroos when she tried to hide an empty milk bottle from them.

Three of the fluffy little joeys hop up onto the sofa in search of food and the young woman finds herself overrun.


She had attempted to sneak a bottle to some of the joeys while the others were far away, but they soon noticed and came back demanding food.

The little kangaroos are all rescued and aged between 13 and 19 months.

Laurae Harvey, who is the C/O of kangaroo sanctuary Wild 2 Free in New South Wales.


She said: “I snuck a bottle to a couple of them, while the rest were down the hill playing, but they heard me and came racing home to get their bottles, which were still in the kitchen, so they just jumped up on me to get hold of the empty bottles. 

“It was funny, but after the video I was quick to bolt inside and get the rest of the bottles

“It went on only a minute or two, though I have never seen them do that before.”