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This stubborn peacock clearly rules the roost as he blocks a road bringing traffic to a standstill. 

The brazen bird was caught on dash cam footage by one agitated driver who was trying to get home after a long shift in Worcestershire, UK.  

Caters News

The peacock can be seen spreading its feathers and standing firm for several moments while his female friend struts her stuff around him, adding to the delay even further. 

Eventually the frustrated driver, known only as Pete, honks his horn and the birds reluctantly saunter away. 

Pete said: “I was on my way home after a long day and I turned the corner down the country lane to be confronted by a male peacock strutting his stuff blocking the whole lane with his female mate in tow. 

Caters News .

“They didn’t seem too bothered by the approaching van and he actually turned to sort of confront me and give me a squark.  

“I crept closer to him very slowly and tooted my horn but it had little effect. 

“Eventually he sauntered off and I was back on my way.”