Offbeat Video

By Jack Williams

This special effects makeup artist’s works are enough to make viewers double-take, as the mind-bending illusions look as though they just so happen to be real.

Monkia Falcik’s creations make it appear as thought the artist has experienced everything from a heart-shaped hole in her head to a butterfly landing on her nose or a lizard crawling out of her mouth – but they just are illusions.

Pic by Monika Falcik / Caters

The intricate designs can take Lithuanian artist Monika, 22, anywhere between two and three hours to create.

The idea behind the series came to the university student last October, when Monika and her friends were working on ideas for Halloween.

Pic by Monika Falcik / Caters

Having experimented with an array of spooky options, Monika decided to continue her mind-bending makeup designs over the weeks and months that follow.

The inspirations from here works come from the likes of movies or posts discovered on social media, Monika said.

Though she is not studying makeup art at university, Monika hopes to continue working with the medium, potentially making a career once she graduates art.

The student’s social media channels have become so popular that she now has more than 100,000 followers.

Pic by Monika Falcik / Caters

Monika said: “I was very happy seeing so many compliments and encouraging words under my photos. 

“I never thought it could happen to me.

Pic by Monika Falcik / Caters

“I’m happy when I’m creating and I’m creating when I’m happy – I hope this circle never ends. 

“After graduating from my university I would love to work as a make up artist, even though it’s not my studied profession.”