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By Taniya Dutta

This is the tragic moment a bemused bridegroom’s last moments were recorded in the video camera during his wedding shoot as his friend fired at him in a ‘celebratory’ round of firing.

Donned in bright outfits, Sunil Verma, 24, was performing wedding rituals with a priest when he suddenly felt a pang in his chest.

CATERS NEWS: Sunil Verma, 24, moments before he was shot by his own friend in a ‘celebratory firing’ on his wedding day in Lakhimpur Kheri in Uttar Pradesh, India

Unaware of what had just happened, a bewildered Sunil kept staring at the video camera, then looked around for a split second clutching his chest tightly before collapsing.

Throughout his ordeal, loud music in the background played on and at least 150 guests, equally unaware of what happened kept smiling.

The video also recorded a man in orange short identified as his close friend Ram Chandra,38, firing two shots from ‘his licensed gun’.

When the first missed the groom, he fired another shot that hit Verma’s chest.

The tragic incident occurred in Lakhimpur Kheri in Uttar Pradesh in northern India on Sunday night.

Sunil died on the way to hospital while Ram Chandra ran away from the spot and is still on the run from the police.

Police have booked the accused for murder and are examining the video clip to see if the shooting was deliberate.

CATERS NEWS: Ram Chandra, 38, stands with his gun with which the groom was shot

Ghanshyam Chaurasiya, senior police officer said: “We have booked Ram Chandra under relevant sections of Indian Penal Code.

“He has been absconding since the incident and will be arrested soon. We received a complaint that Sunil Verma died in celebratory firing. We are investigating other angles as well.”

Verma worked with a pharmaceutical company and had arrived at the wedding venue near the house of the bride Ruby Verma.

The two were supposed to meet after the first round of rituals.

CATERS NEWS: Confused Sunil clutching his chest tightly before collapsing after being hit by the bullet

Firing weapons in the air at weddings and other festivities is a common celebration across South Asia.

While the practice is illegal in India, it is widely performed, particularly in villages, without any fear of law.

Just a day before the incident, another groom was hit and killed by his father during celebratory firing while on his wedding procession in the same state.