Life Video

By Charlotte Regen 

A video showing the former TV set of one of Britains most iconic kids TV programmes has emerged after it was abandoned 20 years ago. 

The dilapidated shell of the TV set is very different to its glory days, during the 1990’s, with is rotting roof, broken windows and missing floorboards. 

The video was captured by Lost With Lou, from East Sussex, who tracked down the secret location in Warwickshire, in March, 2017. 

Pic by Lewis Cooper/Caters News

He said: “I spent several hours searching the web, at the time, the location was kept far more secret. 

“I had found several clues online and eventually found it by finding landmarks that I knew were nearby on google maps and narrowed it down to the small area where the house is located.

“We found that the famous red door at the front of the house had been removed and was nowhere to be found. 

“This was quite sad to see as it was an iconic part of the house.”

Pic by Lewis Cooper/Caters News

Production of the Tots TV television show ended in 1998 and it was famous for it’s three main characters, ragdoll friends, Tilly, Tom and Tiny. 

Lost With Lou said: ” There were a lot of wires and electronics in the production area behind the house but these had all be completely destroyed by the water that flooded the room.

“The house is that there are no floorboards. Tots TV was filmed in such a way that the floor was rarely shown on camera. 

Pic by Lewis Cooper/Caters News

“This allowed for hatches to be built into the floor so that the puppeteers could hide below.

“I mainly had a sense of nostalgia when I saw the set. 

“I remember watching Tots TV on VHS tapes when I was younger and I would never have thought that I would visit the filming location one day.

“It was also sad to see it in this state, I have had many people comment on my video that feel the same way and have even called for it to be restored and turned into some sort of attraction.”