Animals Video

By Kirstie Sutheran 

This poor prairie dog is stuck in a sticky Starbucks situation after his head became wedged in a cup. 

The video was captured by his owner, Taylor Williams, from Fort Worth, Texas, after giving her pet prairie dog, Prince, and her dog, Banksy, a Starbuck’s cup to play with. 

Taylor said: “I got a cappuccino for the first time last week and brought it home to them. I had a feeling they both would love it but didn’t realize it would be so funny to watch.

“All Prince cared about was getting every last bit of the whipped cream in there. I don’t think he was even scared because it tasted so good. 

“At first, I thought he was trying to get it off of his head and then realised he was just adjusting to lick the bottom and so I kept filming.  

Prince shares the cup with brother, Banksy, but then takes over. 

“He then moves his little body around in all directions to get each little bit. All while being dramatic, of course.

“Everyone who has seen the video has laughed and wanted to watch it a few more times.”