Animals Video

By Michael Scott

This is the eerie moment where a group of men end up surrounded by flapping bats.

Swirling around the men, the bats used their sonar to navigate the dark halls of the cave.

It was Clint Ralph, 55, that caught the sinister moment on film.

He came across the cave as searched for the perfect angle for a photograph of an overflowing dam.

Clint Ralph/Caters News

Clint, who owns a waste management and recycling company, said: “The bats flew like bees all around us, you could hear them buzzing past as their wings flapped so quickly, but they never actually made contact with me.

“When we stumbled upon the cave it caught us all by surprise. It was quite an adrenaline rush to have these Bats flying all around us – it was such an amazing experience.

“They used their sonar to navigate away from us at the last moment – it was quite incredible to have hundreds of bats flying about your head and your surrounding space.

“I found it quite funny when someone suggested when the bats are all bunched up in their nest; they kind of look like a bat themselves. A bit like the Batman bat signal.

“We were climbing a canyon in Gauteng, South Africa to try and find a good spot to photograph a Dam wall during a flood we came across this cave and found the amazing bat nest. I’m not sure of the species, but there were loads of them.”