By Mikey Jones

A stunning osprey has been caught catching his breakfast after submerging into a Scottish lock.

Mike Dowsett, 53, from Oxford, was visiting the Scottish Highlands last summer when he spotted the osprey looking for prey along the lake.

PIC BY Mike Dowsett / Caters News

In a series of photographs, Mike captures the mature osprey fishing in the early morning and taking the trout back to his nest.

Mike was amazed he’d managed to photograph the images in focus with just two to three seconds to take the shot due to the speed of the osprey.

PIC BY Mike Dowsett / Caters News

Mike, an automotive engineer, said: “The speed at which an osprey hits the water and then submerges completely, before dragging the 2kg trout out of the water with soaking wet feathers will always amaze me.

“I only had a few seconds to focus and take the shot before the raptor had flown off.

“They are incredibly powerful raptors with massive talons.

PIC BY Mike Dowsett / Caters News

“The osprey emerges with a couple of powerful strokes, using their entire wingspan to launch skywards with their breakfast.

“The best time to see an osprey fishing in Scotland is around 5am in August.”