Amazing Video

By Curtis Mitchell

A STOMACH churning video shows the moment a climber attempts to scale a giant quarry in Wales.

The clip shows Caroline Ciavaldini, who has been rock climbing since she was 12, wedged between a cliff face in Dinoris Quarry, Wales.

Caroline – now 33 – was filmed earlier this month making her way up the sheer drop.

Pics from Caters News

She said: “I have already been climbing for 21 years.

“Of course I was afraid of heights, it is a natural trait of human being. And I still am.

“But I can keep my fear on a leash. In fact, I would rather say that I can put it in a box and close the box.

“It took six hours in total to do the route.

Pics from Caters News

“I had been projecting the Quarryman for a long time – three years since I first decided to try it.

“I prepared for it the last two months. Arriving at the successful end of a project is very fulfilling. But I mainly want to remember the steps I took to get there, as I enjoyed the process of preparing myself for my goal a lot.

“Whether you are a climber or not, Llanberis quarries in Wales are worth discovering.

“You will get to see the remains of the machinery, the metal wagons, even the old houses of the quarrymen, and guess what it must have been like to be a worker in this quarries. The place is really full of history.”