By Lauren Fruen

THIS incredible home was built by a robot in just 48 hours after it was PRINTED in 3D.

The house took just two days to complete after it was made from a special quick drying mortar.

PIC FROM ARUP / Caters News

The building the first of its kind because it can be deconstructed and reassembled at a different location.

The one-story home has four separate rooms and covers 100 square meters.

PIC FROM ARUP / Caters News 

It has curved walls, a living area, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom.

PIC FROM ARUP / Caters News 

Architects used a 3D concrete printer and the walls set in just 24 hours – compared to the 28 days for traditional concrete.

Architect Massimiliano Locatelli said: “My vision was to integrate new, more organic shapes in the surrounding landscapes or urban architecture.

“The opportunity is to be a protagonist of a new revolution in architecture.”

PIC FROM ARUP / Caters News

A spokesman for Arup, one of the companies behind the project, said: “This building represents a milestone for 3D printing applied to construction.

“Robots are opening up a number of possibilities for realizing the next generation of advanced buildings. ”