By Hayley Pugh

Don’t ostrich-size me! This furious bird clearly didn’t want to be left out, after photobombing his feathered friend as a tourist tried to get a solo snap.

Sonja Kiessel, from Munich in Germany, was busy trying to get a nice picture of an ostrich during a trip to Oudtshoorn, South Africa when a fellow bird jumped in on the shot with hilarious results.

Sonja didn’t even realise she had ruffled the bird’s feathers until she was back home flicking through her holiday photographs and saw the ostrich popping up in front her miffed model.

PIC FROM Sonja Kiessel / Caters News

The 49-year-old said: “There was a group of around 10 ostriches and they started to move closer and closer to me so I decided to try and take a picture of one.

“They were very curious, I think maybe they were expecting food or it might have been my watch twinkling in the sun.

“When I took the photograph I didn’t realise that a second ostrich had photobombed my picture. I only realised when I returned home to Germany and had a look through.

“I started laughing when I saw it. Most of my friends laugh when they see it too. They like the picture as much as I do.”