Animals Video

By Bethany Gleave

A frustrated dad has found a hilarious way to get marauding flock of sheep off his property – screaming ‘get out me garden’ at them in an angry voice.

The trick seems to work extremely well, as the second he shouts it animals scarper back to their own field.

Luke Mensah, 40, says the sheep started invading his garden last summer.

After hoping it was a one off, the uninvited guests kept coming and he realised the only way to get rid of them was to tell them where to go.

Each time the sheep appear a frustrated Luke shouts ‘get out me garden’ as loud as possible out of his window which moves the sheep on without fail.

However his wife Felicity, 38, claims she once moved the sheep along by asking them politely to leave and says he should not be so rude to them.

Since posting his videos on his social media, the electrical installer said that his catchphrase has become well known in his hometown of Oxenhope, West Yorkshire and people often shout it back at him in the street.

Luke said: “It all started last summer. I just thought it was a one off at first.

“I managed to strap the gate back up, but they keep on knocking it down.

“I put a brace on the gate too, but they still managed to get in.

“It just went on and on. I was repairing the gate and they were just getting in.

“One time I just shouted ‘get out me garden’ at them to see what they would do, and they moved off.

“It just became something that I would say to them to move them. I had only ever done it shouting so it just stuck.”

Luke, a dad of three, says the sheep come into his garden from a nearby field.

He recognises there is little the sheep’s owners can do, but is annoyed that they eat everything in sight.

Luke said: “They’re from the field opposite. The farmer rents it out and whoever rents it has the sheep on there, there’s nothing they can really do about it.

“They eat every plant in my garden. I really like looking after it and making it look nice and I want to buy more.

“I’m not letting them win though so I just keep planting new ones.

“They also leave droppings all over the garden which I have to clean.

“My dog isn’t bothered about the sheep though, she isn’t really interested in them.”

Since he started posting the videos of the invaders on to social media, he has become a celebrity in his town.

Luke said: “I started posting the videos on social media as a laugh and now when I’m walking down the street people shout ‘get out me garden’ to me which is weird.

“I don’t show my face on any of the videos, so I don’t know how they know it’s me.

“If I knew it was going to catch on as a catchphrase I would’ve chose something better.

“Whenever I go in the pub and they all take the mick out of my catchphrase, my mates think it’s hilarious that all these sheep are paying me visits.”

Despite Luke going for the shouting approach, he admits that his wife Felicity, 38, has told him that he needs to stop shouting and ask them politely instead.

Luke said: “It was my wife who first spotted them and now she just winds me up with them because she knows it frustrates me.

“The sheep know that they are doing wrong but I think they just like to wind me up.

“My wife did it once and asked them politely and they left so she tries to tell me there is no need to shout.

“I think she is worried we would have animal rights activists on our back for shouting at them.”