Animals Video

By Charlotte Regen 

This is one sleepover you don’t want to miss out on – with lots of sleepy dogs!

A doggy day care centre shared the videos of the hounds all ready for a snooze, in Newport Beach, California, on March 31. 

Owner, Cameron James Swanson, has regularly ‘sleepovers’ at his centre with this one in particular catering for around 50 dogs. 

Cameron said: “All the dogs belong to owners who were boarding their dogs here. 

“Most dogs are regulars, they stay overnight and there were about 50 dogs this night.

“In the morning I completely clean the rooms and take the beds out and then the dogs as re-transferred to the day play areas.

“We love and care for each dog, in almost three years of doing the cage-free sleepovers, not a single dog has ever had an emergency or needed the vet while in my care.”