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Frothing from the mouth with a demonic growl, this chilling footage shows a “heavily possessed” man being cured by a professional exorcist.

But this is no horror movie-set – it’s a rare glimpse into a real-life exorcism with Australia’s leading specialists of the ancient ritual, Lizzy Rose.

The darkened vision shows the middle-aged-man growling and thrashing around while the Melbourne mum-of-five chants and pours a red potion over his body.

Lizzy Rose / Caters News

Lizzy says she has performed thousands of exorcisms on all walks of life, but she described the case captured inside a temple in her Keilor home last week as a “real battle.”

Lizzy, 48, said: “This one was a real battle, it lasted over ten hours.”

“The family of this man believe he has been possessed since he was a child. He was very gentle until I started chanting. Then the change in him was horrific.”

“He was growling and throwing chairs around. During the ceremony he was bleeding and frothing from the mouth. This entity did not want to give up its the host.”

The ceremony involved the man lying on a pentacle circle to be bound with rope while Lizzy circled around him wafting sage smoke over his body.

She then ran a large knife over his body – a symbol he is cutting ties with whatever has possessed him – before dousing him in a protection potion and ritualistically bathing him.

The ceremony was apparently a success: Lizzy said she managed to drive the demon out of the client’s body.

The man admitted to feeling “a little out of his body” after the ceremony and even suffered from memory loss, she claimed.


The eerie scenes are all in a day’s work for Lizzy, whose first brush with exorcisms came when her mother subjected her to one at just four-years-old.

Fascinated, she would delve deeper into the world of the occult until the age of 22, when she was performing the Pagan rite herself.

Lizzy said: “I think this kind of work chooses you, rather than the other way around.”

“I was fascinated with magic from a young age but it wasn’t until my early twenties I was pronounced a natural medium.” 

“It can certainly get dangerous. I’ve tweaked my ceremony through the years, because things used to go wrong.”

 “I’ve been physically attacked, thrown, bitten, punched and dragged. You always have to stay alert.”

The devil must be more active than ever in the modern age, because demand for Lizzy’s business is booming.


The service generally costs $450, but in “extreme cases” that last over six hours or where the person is so possessed they cannot move the price is $750.

She said she receives approximately 15 calls a day from people seeking the service, a rise she credits to the public’s exposure to crime in the media and a growth in mental illness.

Lizzy said it can be a challenge distinguishing between entities and substance abuse, mental illness, and other trauma – but this is normally determined in prescreening interviews.

Lizzy said: “We are much more exposed to crime and violence in movies etc. That coupled with the fall of the church has seen a rise in possession.”

She had some words of wisdom for anyone hoping to keep demons at bay.

“Stay away from drugs. Don’t use Ouija Boards unless a priestess is present. And don’t attract dark energy.”