By Jamie Smith

These stunning images capture gigantic storms in a moment of power and beauty.

From super-cell storms to lightening and tornadoes, an array of dangerous weather events are captured on camera.

Pic by Marko Korosec/Caters News

Marko Korošec, 36, captured these images as part of his job as a storm chaser and supervisor for a highway weather information system.

He captured these images over so-called Tornado Alley in the US and is a storm chasing veteran with 20 years of experience of hundreds of deadly storms.

Pic by Marko Korosec/Caters News

Marko, who lives in Sezana, Slovenia, said: “I run workshops and storm chasing tours, so educating people while we’re chasing storms, learning about dangerous weather, photographing nature and weather events.

“I travel across the Tornado Alley to seek for the best storm clouds and tornadoes when they occur along the weather fronts.

“We can see the most dangerous storms on the photos, they are called super-cells.

Pic by Marko Korosec/Caters News

“These storms form in specific environment of strong wind shear and instability; they can produce very large damaging hail, severe winds and tornadoes.

“The photos reveal super-cell storms, various cloud structure, lightning strikes and tornadoes.

Pic by Marko Korosec/Caters News

“My favourite captures are storm structures like super cells are, they are unique and often look like spaceships and UFOs with its shape when approaching my position.

“I like them the most as they show us how small we are against the dangerous mother nature which can be very photogenic and fascinating to experience, both from visual appearance as well as how dramatic they can be when they release their rough power.

Pic by Marko Korosec/Caters News

“Super-cell storms are rotating storms, so their structure and core are rotating, depending on the wind speed and direction that is wind shear and helicity.

“We can see an obvious rotating nature of the clouds/storms on these photos, sometimes in perfect round almost symmetrical shapes.

Pic by Marko Korosec/Caters News

“My feelings when I encounter such events are satisfaction on one hand, as I am happy to see my forecast and targeting the right storms was correct, so this brings me more experience and good verification of the hard work earlier.

“On the other hand it is fascination of the visual appearance of these photogenic storms and their power.”