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By Taniya Dutta 

An eight-year-old Pakistani boy is known as the ‘little Hercules’ for demonstrating his extraordinary strength of pulling a 2000kg car, bending an iron rod with his teeth and putting a motorbike to a halt with his tiny hands. 

Uzair Farooq claims to have the strongest set of teeth in the country that he justly puts to use in wowing his fans with his antics-without wearing any safety gear. 

The schoolboy, from Mustang, Uzair is following the footsteps of his daredevil father Ghulam Farooq, 33, a professional stuntman who has been given the nickname of ‘Jaws of Iron’.

The little boy dreams of becoming the strongest child in Pakistan. 


Uzair started training under his father’s tutelage only six months ago and even though Ghulam wasn’t amused with his youngest son’s interests, he says he only accepted his wish because he saw in him ‘God gifted’ abilities.

Ghulam, a father of three boys and a girl, says: “My son is extraordinary. I never wanted any of my sons to pursue my passion of learning dangerous stunts and become a stunt man because it involves high risk and pays minimal rewards. But Uzair is unique. 

“He is perfect in handling such dangerous equipment, is very disciplined and focused and has no sign of fear in him. He is meant to do such daredevil stunts.”


Ghulam caught Uzair trying to pull a 600 cc car from his teeth six months ago and visibly lost his cool. He told him to stay away from trying such deadly stunts but Uzair did not budge. 

He kept using his father’s equipment like rods and nail board to practice sneakily. Ghulam says he had to give in his son’s wish seeing his dedication and focus and fearless approach to the craft. 

“I had scolded him to never try these stunts again but he kept practicing silently. These stunts require proper training and guidance. Because he wasn’t ready to give up, I decided to teach him the techniques. 

“His passion and unmatchable abilities forced me to teach him some of my stunts. When I started the training I was shocked to see he has God gifted abilities. I later took him to my guru Sstad Sher Jan Baloch who has also taught him some basic techniques and self safety rules.”


The father-son duo are now training hard to break the past record of pulling the heaviest weight from teeth.

Ghulam said: “He is a brilliant student and gives time to his studies. We only practice on the weekends and perform locally. 

“We borrow cars and motorbikes from neighbours for practice. People are in awe of his incredible strength. 

“He doesn’t get any money for his performances but every performance boosts his confidence. 

“We are eyeing to break the record of pulling heaviest weight from teeth. I am confident that my son will definitely achieve his goal,” added the proud father who himself plans on pulling two planes with his teeth.