Animals Video

By Katy Gill

A quick-thinking good Samaritan has reunited more than half a dozen hungry newborn puppies with their mum, after she wandered six kilometers away and forgot her way back.

Manohar Lal discovered a litter of seven lonesome puppies after hearing their cry for help in Khalini, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, India.

He found the abandoned pups, estimated to have been no more than two weeks old, in the corner of a deserted house whilst walking home from work, on April 16.


To ensure their survival, Manohar provided milk for the puppies and called a friend to help him start searching for the missing mother.

Within a day, Manohar was able to reunite the vulnerable puppies with the distressed mum, who was discovered roaming the streets more than six kilomters away.

Manohar said: “The puppies’ cries for help caught my attention on my walk home from work.

“I was extremely worried as they were very small and seemed vulnerable.

“I waited around for a while to see if their mother returned.

“My first instinct was to find them some drinking milk to ensure they survived.”

Manohar decided it was better to leave the newborn pups in the house, so to not move them from where their mother had left them.

The next day, still feeling perturbed by the thought of the unattended pups, Manohar and a friend decided to search the streets for the missing mum so they could reunite the new family.

The web developer said: “Within hours, my friend called me and had came across what seemed to be a distressed mum walking around the streets around six kilometers away from where we had found the abandoned puppies.

“I instantly became hopeful for the dogs and rushed to where she was located.


“We somehow managed to convince her to get into the car, and quickly drove her to where the pups were staying.”

The heartwarming video shows the golden and dark brown colored infants bombard their mother and instantly start nursing on her, their inch-long tails frantically wagging from excitement.

The mix-breed dog is seen sussing out the puppies by smelling and licking them before allowing them to start nursing.

Manohar, 36, said: “This made me extremely happy to witness; the sight of the babies being reunited with their mother was a delight.

“I feel like I was chosen to reunite this family.

“At first the mother seemed overwhelmed, but the elated and extremely hungry puppies soon alleviated her.

“As soon as she smelt and licked them, she also seemed very relieved.”

“I have since seen the family roaming around together since reuniting them.

“The mother is also reunited with what appears to be the puppies father.”