Animals Video

By Kirstie Sutheran 

A horrified woman, who was hit when a snake eating a giant rat fell from a tree, has filmed the reptile devouring the huge rodent just moments after she was struck. 

Heather Mathis recorded the terrifying footage after being hit by the pair when they fell from a tree and landed on her shoulder during a walk in Savannah, Georgia. 

Shocked Heather was smacked on the head and shoulder during the vicious battle, but the 36-year-old still managed to capture chilling footage of the snake eating rat straight after the fall. 

Heather, who was with her husband at the time said she was startled and screamed. 

She added: “I was walking along a walking trail path and heard a rustling in the palm trees overhead.   

“I thought “run” but I couldn’t get my feet going fast enough and next thing I know I get smacked on the head and something lands on my shoulder.  

“I look back to see a snake fighting a rat, shook it off and began filming, after a short scream.  

“We see snakes laying on the trails a lot but never has one fallen on me from a tree.  

“Lots of people commenting they’d have died if that fell on them.”