By Lauren Campbell

These daredevil highliners diced with death as they took to the air over spikey terrain.

Kimberly Weglin, 24, and Ryan Jenks, 33, walked along the 328ft long rope whilst suspended in the air at an astounding 100ft.

The couple assembled the line themselves using a combination of spansets, rope, and used climbing cams to build the anchors into the rocks.

Photographer Abbi Hearne captured the images at the Joshua Tree National Park whilst onlookers watched in suspense.

Kimberly said: “We were really excited as we had been planning this line for over a year after seeing that no one else had rigged it before.

“We had to use the surrounding natural features to set it up and used the rocks as anchors.

“We loved that it was in the view of so many tourists because it gave us a chance to open up conversation and share our passion with anyone who would listen.

“Luckily the wind was calm in the morning but it did pick up a little in the afternoon, if the wind is consistent it doesn’t make it too much harder but when there are gusts that pick up suddenly it can be tricky to get it right.”