Offbeat Video

By Curtis Mitchell

This daredevil is taking his unicycle skills to the next level as he plummets down treacherous stretches of mountain.

Using only his unicycle as transport Lutz Eichholz uses his incredible balance to traverse the rugged terrain.


German Lutz is a professional mountain unicyclist and has been practising his art since the age of nine and incredibly he has never injured himself beyond breaking a few bones and ligaments

Lutz, 31, said: “I started unicycling when I was 9. First only “normal” unicycling on the streets and after a few years I started to do more and more extreme stuff – nowadays I mostly unicycle in the mountains.

“I try to push too my limits and not over them. Sometimes I don’t succeed and get injured. So far I broke a few bones and ligaments but never so bad that I had to stay in hospital more than a few hours.


“To balance on something which is impossible for 99% of the world is so awesome. To always stay on balance and do stuff on a unicycle most people can’t do on their feet.

“I also have some role models in other sports such as climbing and mountain biking.

“If I succeed on a new obstacle or ride down a new hard mountain I feel pure joy and it makes my life much more interesting.”