Life Video

By Chanel Livesey

This is the cute moment that a woman bursts into tears on being handed two new-born fox cubs.

Kellie Fruse had been a volunteer at Saveafox Rescue for seven months and was given the opportunity to hold the fox kits and pick out their new names.

Mikayla Raines, who runs Saveafox Rescue in Minnesota, captured the sweet moment on camera.

She said: “She was just getting to hold and experience fox pups for the first time – she also got to pick out their names ‘Bonnie and Clyde’.

“We often have our cameras out and ready to capture moments like this here at Saveafox.

“Seeing her get so emotional reminded me of the first time I held a baby red fox pup, though she has passed away now.

“The fox cubs came from Furfarm rescues – they were rejected by the mother fox.”