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 By Lauren Fruen 

A YOUNG barrel racing prodigy who was competing professionally at the age of just FIVE. 

Little Sydnie Wynn Graves – who weighs just under three stone – rides the 1300lb animals at full pelt around tracks. 

Videos of the youngster show her hurtling towards the barrels at the rodeo events where riders attempt to complete the course in the fastest time. 

Pic by Caters News

Proud dad Lance said his daughter has been riding since she was two and is “fearless”. 

Schoolgirl Sydnie now rides in competitions around her state where the crowd go “crazy” when they see how small she is. 

Dad-of-two Lance, 48, said: “We live in a small town in Oklahoma. I was a world champion so it is in our blood.

“But Sydnie Wynn was kissed on the cheek by god.

“She is extremely talented and was professional at five. She only turned six in January.

“When I was seven I was the youngest professional to be at that calibre. To reach it at her age is amazing.

“It is normally a case of waiting for a child to be strong enough but she is already riding full size horses. She was riding before she could speak. She was riding from two.

Pic by Caters News

“She was a very strong little baby. She only weighs 39 pounds but she rides horses that weigh 1200 pounds. 

“She is an old soul. Her older sister Maisie Marie is much more cautious. But Sydnie Wynn makes her decision and runs. 

“Thankfully she has never been injured. We have been lucky with that.

“My family moved to a ranch when I was small so horses have always been a part of our lives.

Pic by Caters News

“But Sydnie Wynn has a gift when it comes to horses. She just understands how to handle them. It is completely intuitive for her. She is a joy.

“When she rides and the public see her they go crazy. The crowd is so loud. She is the youngest that I have ever seen riding at this level. She is a child prodigy.

 “I hope this gives her the opportunity to travel and see the world. We are very proud.”