By Jamie Smith

A pair of harvest mice have been caught sharing a kiss while standing together on a single twig.

Photographer, Miles Herberts, 53, was visiting Ringwood, Hampshire, when he spotted the mice among the branches and dandelions during the heatwave last week.

Pic by Miles Herbert/Caters News

The mice – who appear to be kissing – can be seen greeting one other by gently rub their noses.

Miles, from Bournemouth, said: “I managed to capture a few lovely images but my favourite is the two mice kissing.

“They can be seen meeting on a twig and touching noses together in a kiss, the other mice can be seen by dandelions and on another thin branches.

Pic by Miles Herbert/Caters News

“I had been photographing the mice for a while and noticed that when two mice meet they usually touch noses for a split second as they greet each other.

“I wanted to catch this behaviour and waited for a short while for two mice to bump into each other on a twig, which did eventually happen, allowing me the chance to take the photograph.”