Animals Video

By Kirstie Sutheran

A chameleon enthusiast has filmed the amazing moment they began to hatch from their eggs – all from the comfort of his home.

Trevor Neufeld, 41, has been breeding chameleon’s for over two decades but decided to film them hatching to show others how fascinating is it. 

The video clip taken on April 2 shows one chameleon slowly emerging from its egg and taking its first steps. 


Trevor, a construction worker, from Ontario, Canada, said: “I’ve been doing this over two decades now with this species and it still blows me away like it was the first time every time. 

“It’s an absolute honour and privilege to watch first hand, not to mention  to be able to help them out, clean them off, set them up in a mini jungles and share their space for many years.

“The video was taken in my incubation room that’s part of my house. 

“They are Translucent morph Veiled Chameleons and there were 59 babies in this clutch.”