Animals Video

By Mike Jones

This spotty pup comes to the realisation that he hates that rain in this hilarious video.

The footage shows cute Dalmatian, Brodie, bounds out the house only to quickly make a U-turn once he realises that it’s raining.

Brodie rushes back to the house just as quickly as he left as owner, Chloe Green, 24, watches on.

Chloe, a HR consultant based in Newcastle upon Tyne, said: “Clown is the best word to describe him, man with an attitude and a cheeky chap with a big heart (has a heart on his left eye so full of love). 

“He’s either looking for mischief or counter surfing for food!! He was born with unilateral hearing which stole our hearts from day 1.

“Brodie was about to step out for a rummage in the garden, but he must have felt the rain on his spots and thought “Rain? No thanks”.

“He’s definitely ready for some sunshine (if we ever get it in Britain!).”