By Este Langeveldt

THIS hippo takes a roll in the mud to get rid of a cheeky hitchhiking turtle.

Photographer Roan du Plessis, 27, captured the tussle as he guided tourists at Ngala private game reserve in Kruger national park, South Africa.

PIC FROM Roan du Plessis / Caters News

The images were taken at the end of last month by Roan who said he found the whole scene “hilarious”.

He said: “I was taking guests out on a guided safari when I took these images.

“The images weren’t planned, the hippo just started yawning and then all of a sudden rolled over.

PIC FROM Roan du Plessis / Caters News 

“The hippo rolls over to wet it’s back because of the drought we’re experiencing. At this stage the water is too shallow for the entire hippo to be submerged.

“The terrapins that were catching a free ride were thrown off as the hippo rolled.

“I love these images. I thought they were hilarious.

“I love it because it’s got such a ‘I’m over today’ kinda look to it.”