Offbeat Video

By Luke Kenton

This hilarious prankster boyfriend faked his own death in an elaborate ‘promposal’ stunt, that left his girlfriend temporarily traumatised before announcing he had ‘been dying to ask her to prom’. 

According to her family, Kiah Keys, 15, is somewhat renown for being ‘overly dramatic’, but her hysteria was certainly justified on April 16, when she received a message that her boyfriend had been involved in an accident. 

Arriving at a parking lot in Blue Springs, Missouri, USA, Kiah’s boyfriend, Richard fisher, is pictured lying on the floor with blood coming out of his mouth. 

In a seemingly unresponsive state, she clutches the head of her boyfriend of six-months, hysterically crying and calling out his name. 

After several moments, the 18-year-old mutters ‘I’ve been dying to ask you to prom’, causing Kiah to scream ‘you’re so annoying’, in anguish, before accepting his invitation through a flurry of tears.

Her aunt, Kiki Claphan was on hand to film her niece’s reaction.

Kiki said: “She first told him in January she wanted a promposal that was so romantic it would make her cry. 

“He was going to be romantic at first, but the more she nagged he changed his mind. 

“Kiah received a call and was told there had been a bang and he was bleeding on the ground – she thought he had been hit by a car. 

“I felt so bad for her when she started crying, but we know she’s very strong and would see the funny side – Richard is always messing around. 

“A few minutes after the prank was revealed she was laughing and smiling again. 

“She was more relieved he was not hurt – they are a wonderful couple. 

“The prom is on April 28th and they’re both very excited.”