Amazing Video

By Luke Kenton

This is the incredible moment a huge humpback whale’s breach is caught from both beneath the surface and above, as it soars through the air just metres away from a wildlife photographer.

Out in the depths of the Pacific Ocean, just off the coast of Oahu, Hawaii, USA, Clark Little is unknowingly about to capture a truly stunning sight on film.

Circling beneath the renowned photographer as he snorkels on the surface is a gigantic humpback whale, who is sussing out the veteran photographer before making a splashing introduction.

Soaring through the water, the massive mammal rockets to the surface of the water, launching itself high in the air before crashing back down, causing a huge ripple in the ocean flow.

Clark, from Haleiwa, Hawaii, said: “I’ve never been so close to a whale before.

“To be next to an animal so large and powerful is mind-blowing.

“The power and beauty of these incredible creatures is completely beyond comprehension; the adrenaline is still running through me even now.

“I was out filming with Galapagos sharks, when suddenly I heard a high-pitched sound getting closer and closer.

“Then suddenly this spectacular beast was beneath me.

“This was undoubtedly one of the most thrilling experiences of my life.”