Animals Video

By Kirstie Sutheran

This adorable little prairie dog and his best German Shepherd best friend couldn’t be more different.

But despite their size and difference, these two buddies are inseparable.

They enjoy snuggling, playing and napping together along and despite his larger stature, Banksy the 6-year-old  German Shepherd, is a gentle giant when it comes to little Prince, 2.


Their owner, Taylor Williams, 30, says that the pair are great pals – with Prince following Banksy around wherever he goes

Taylor, a registered nurse, said: “They are best buds. Prince loves Banksy so much – anytime Banksy is around, he is following him and constantly begging for attention. 

“Most of the time, Banksy will give him the attention he wants but other times he wants to just go and do his own thing. 

“It was a little bit of a learning curve for Banksy when we first got Prince on how to be gentle (only because he is a 75lb dog and didn’t realize that Prince only weighed 6 oz when we first got him). 


“It’s great having these two in the house because they are so entertaining to watch. Whether they are being funny and playing, to snuggling on the couch and the way it just melts your heart! 

“When we take them places together, they are always such a hit. People just can’t get over that these two can actually be friends! They are both well-behaved so going out into public isn’t a big deal.”