Animals Video

By Curtis Mitchell

This hilarious footage captures the moment that a cat tries to wee in it’s owners toilet – but misses completely.

Gwen Williams had been trying to toilet-train her three-year-old cat, Nugget, but he couldn’t seem to get the hang of it.

Trying to urinate in the litter that was placed in the toilet, Nugget began to wee and ended up urinating all over the bathroom floor.

Gwen said: “He did this every time he tried to use the kitty litter in the toilet – he just has bad aim!

“He is now no longer using the toilet because I gave up and installed a big outdoor cat enclosure so that he can just go outside.

“I thought this was pretty hilarious though and I can’t fault him for giving it a go.

“Nugget is not very smart, but he is friendly and tries his best!”