Life Video

By Ben Walley

This is the sweet moment that a daughter reveals to her parents that she’s pregnant.

It’s an especially beautiful moment as the couple suspected that they might never be able to have a baby. 

The family are playing the anagram word game ‘Mad Gabs’ and the anagram words read ‘My Ought Hers Praying Nut’.

Pic by Amber Vogel/Caters News

After a few attempts mum, Edwina Tripp, 58, works out the puzzle and shouts out ‘pregnant?!’ and rushes to give her daughter a hug.

While Edwina seems shocked dad, Terry Tripp, 57, declares that he was sure he knew it already.

Amber Vogel, from Bakersfield, California, was told by multiple doctors that she would probably never get pregnant due to her endometriosis and early menopause.

While attempting IVF, her and her husband, Joshua Vogel, 31, were told that their eggs weren’t viable, but despite this they decided to go ahead with the implantation.

When the pregnancy test came back negative Amber was heartbroken, but incredibly on her next trip to the doctors a routine pregnancy test revealed that she was pregnant.

Thrilled, Amber decided to tell her parents through the anagram game ‘Mad Gabs’ that she was pregnant.

“We were trying for 2 years and I saw 3 fertility specialists – when we got married in 2015, I knew I had endometriosis.

Pic by Amber Vogel/Caters News

“The whole thing was an emotional roller-coaster. 

“After surgery for endometriosis, many IUIs and countless shots/medications, we decided to invest in IVF as the doctor assumed I may only have another 6 months of fertility.

“We did the treatment and after the egg retrieval and we were told the treatment failed and the eggs weren’t viable. 

“After prayers, my husband and I decided to go ahead with the egg transfer despite the doctor’s recommendation. 

“After a negative pregnancy test, my family and I were devastated. I went to a new fertility doctor and during the routine check-up, he did a pregnancy test. 

“The test was positive! The video is when we surprised by parents with the good news.  

“After having 2 doctors tell me I would probably never be able to get pregnant, I was shocked because she truly is our miracle. 

Pic by Amber Vogel/Caters News

“I can hardly put into words how elated I am to be a mom. She is a blessing and a miracle.

“This is my first child and the first grandchild of our family.  

“It was my idea to use the Mad Gab game to tell them. I wanted to do something surprising and special because my parents knew how devastated I was that the test was negative.  

“My parents say they thought I was now. My dad says he knew I was pregnant from the beginning. We went shopping during Black Friday and I randomly threw up on a lady’s shoe at the mall after breakfast. 

“I was very excited. Nobody but my husband and I knew. Even my brother who recorded the video didn’t know.  

“I knew my mom would be shocked as well but I was surprised my dad was convinced I was pregnant. 

“They were very excited as she is their first grandchild – my mom set up a nursery a few days later. 

“The rest of the night, we had a lot of fun playing games, talking, and looking at the ultrasound pictures. 

“My parents have been amazing and supportive throughout everything.”