Animals Video

By Ellie Duncombe

This is the adorable moment that two baby elephants were caught roughhousing by their parents.

The cute pair roll around pinning and tripping one another as they wrestle.

At one point a responsible older elephant tries to break up the scuffle, but it’s to little avail and she soon gives in.


The video was captured by Michelle Broadhurst and Jacques Joubert as they visited Northern Kruger National Park, SA.

Michelle said: “Once again we were all on our own – we try to be in the park in the off season periods when it is very quiet with only a few visitors in the park. 

“During our elephant observations in the park we noticed that the little ones once a waterhole or dam is reached they simply fall down for a minute or two while the rest of the family or group is drinking and cooling themselves down.

“They then will start to play with one another as they are not focussed on the drinking effort because they still suckle. 

“They also do play or swim in the water if the water is safely accessible. Some of the actions do suggest however that it might be a very early ranking exercise especially amongst bull calves which will carry on for the rest of their lives.

“These playful fights are normally between physical equal sized individuals. Should a larger elephant calf play with a smaller calf the mother of the smaller calf will immediately step in and stop the action.  Once again is this our personal opinion.   

 “There were a group of about 25 elephants of all different sizes and generations busy drinking and cooling themselves down at the waterhole.  

“It is not very rare although very rarely documented on video.”