Video Viral

By Jos Weale 

This is the hilarious moment a dog owner returned home to capture her destructive lurcher’s adorably guilty reaction after he covered her entire house in thousands of pieces of shredded paper – in just 20 SECONDS.

In owner Catherine Dean’s video, ‘paper-obsessed’ rescue pooch Jack lies back on the sofa admiring his handiwork while flashing his owner an apologetic doe-eyed expression.

Catherine, 41, from Plymouth, said Jack cannot resist toilet rolls and kitchen roll and had a whale of a time attacking a bag of paper bedding meant for her chinchillas on Monday (March 13) afternoon.


She returned home from work to find a trail of papery destruction leading to Jack and the mammoth mess – which she believes he created in just 20 seconds.

Catherine, who has run her own pet therapy venture for two years, said: “I got home about 5pm, and as soon as I arrived I was already suspicious because Jack wasn’t at the door waiting to see me.

“Then I could see the floor was littered. I just said, “what the hell have you done, Jack? What have you been up to?

“He was just looking at me from behind the sofa as if to say, ‘I’m sorry, mummy!’

“The floor was littered. There were thousands of the bits everywhere. I’m still finding them now. He’d even got them up in the curtain rail.

“I couldn’t see all of the damage at first – I snapped the picture of him looking at me first and then got my camera out to film it.

“He’d just had a blast. It probably took him about 20 seconds to cause so much mess. I think he would have shaken the bag and it exploded.

“He was sat there on the sofa just watching with a face saying, ‘I’m sorry mummy, I didn’t mean it.’


“He just knew what he’d done. He sat and watched while I tried to bag it up and hoover it up – after ten seconds the hoover was blocked.”

On closer inspection, Catherine discovered the almighty mess was made up of multi-coloured paper bedding used for her four pet chinchillas.

It was then the usually vigilant 41-year-old said she realised her error – leaving paper in the seven-year-old lurcher’s reach

According to Catherine, the pooch has had a penchant for paper ever since he joined her and office worker husband Jack Steve, 39, in October 2015.

And his quirks add to her rescue animal gang, which currently consists of one other dog, five hens, 24 guinea pigs, four chinchillas, two bearded dragons, five cockatoos, a dormouse and a lesser tenrec.

Catherine said: “I can’t leave anything that is paper in reach of him. He loves toilet roll and kitchen roll.

“We have to keep the bathroom door shut so he doesn’t go for the toilet roll. I never know when he’s going to strike next.

“It’s not the first time he’s done something like this. A few weeks after we got him he got hold of a bag of 24 toilet rolls and it was all over the house for weeks. He’d even got it into the drawers.


“The paper bedding bag had been sat in the front room for about three weeks and he hadn’t touched it. I think he must have thought, ‘I haven’t chewed anything up in a while, I’ll have a go at this.”

But despite his cheeky behaviour, Catherine said she just can’t stay angry at the excitable canine.

Catherine said: “I can’t get angry with him. I have to keep the tone of my voice very calm and high or else he’ll just wee everywhere.

“When I saw it I was just laughing, thinking, ‘here we go.’ I wasn’t angry at him. I was frustrated because he’d gone and done it again and I only had an hour to clean up before I was going out again.

“He’s such a lovely dog, and you can tell he’s so excited to be part of this family. When he arrived here he had so many sores on his legs and he was very nervous.

“We didn’t really know much about him. He was a bit of a mystery. He’s not nervous any more, he’s a confident dog.

“I’m not overly house proud. Material things don’t matter, heartbeats matter.”