By Mike Jones

This naughty turtle was not in the mood for pictures when he was caught appearing to give the middle finger to a photographer.

Mark Fitz, 36, from Queensland, Australia, was on Lady Elliot Island, just off the coast of Bundaberg, when he spotted the annoyed turtle on March 20.


The travel photographer and ‘Instagrammer’ said: “There is a crystal clear lagoon at Lady Elliot Island and every time I visit, there’s always turtles swimming around.

“They’re incredibly inquisitive turtles and they tend to follow you around.

“I was swimming with the ‘rude turtle’ for a very long time that day, he seemed to be offended when I swam away from him and he kept following.

Mark has had a huge response to the image with everyone wanting to see the ‘grumpy’ turtle.

He said: “People can’t believe their eyes.

“I’ve had people wanting to buy prints & even saying they want it tattooed on them.”