Animals Video

By Sophie Norris

This adorable five-month-old puppy was so excited to play with his owner after four days apart – but then failed at a game hide and seek.

Energetic Golden Retriever Jim lives with his owner Philippa Stone and her family, who welcomed him into their home last Christmas.

When the 20-year-old chemistry student returned from staying at her boyfriend Ben Norris’ house on Monday, Jim was desperate to play.

But Philippa decided to pull a prank on her fluffy companion and got her mum Barbara Stone on board to film the hilarious scene.

Philippa snuck into her home and climbed behind a sofa shouting Jim’s name.



In the video Barbara can be heard asking Jim to find his owner and laughing as the baffled dog searches for her.

But poor Jim can’t work out where Philippa’s voice is coming from and keeps changing direction on the stairs.

After a confusing 50 seconds of tearing up and down the stairs and peeking into the kitchen, Jim finally managed to hunt down Philippa, who had crouched behind the living room sofa and pounced on her with excitement.

Philippa from Middlesbrough, Teesside, said: “I knew he’d be really excited so I hid to see how long it took him to find me.

“I wasn’t surprised that he was running around everywhere because I knew he’d be as eager to see me, as I was him.


“He’s not normally allowed upstairs so hearing him run up and down them just made me laugh, I think that gave me away.

“I was pleased he was just as excited as I was. I’m not sure how I’m going to managed without him when I go away for 10 days in the summer.”

The eager pooch is notorious for getting up to mischief at home, whether that’s secretly climbing on the sofa or stealing dog food from the worktop in the kitchen.

Philippa decided to get her own back on the cheeky chap but it nearly backfired after the growing dog almost clambered into her cabinet full of running trophies and over the back of the sofa.

Philippa said: “Jim is only five months old and I spend the majority of my time with him.

“He always cuddles up to me at night so after being away from him for four nights I couldn’t wait to see him. Even though he loved us all from the beginning, he definitely sees me as his mum because I do most things for him.


“That doesn’t mean he looks to me for approval though, he definitely has a mind of his own.

“He’s quite a mischievous dog but also incredibly friendly. He always knows when he’s done something he shouldn’t have and sits with his ears back until you forgive him.

“He can open the bin himself and gets food out of it or he’ll to jump on the kitchen counter to eat whatever food is on there. He’s a quite a greedy dog.”

Jim doesn’t just get up to mischief by himself though as he has regular play dates with his half-sister Callie, who lives with Philippa’s sister.

She claims the pair are always getting each other into trouble and being cheeky together.

Philippa said: “My sister has a Golden Retriever from the same breeder but another litter,his half-sister, and it’s almost like they know they’re brother and sister because all they ever do is get each other in trouble.

“I loved all the puppies in the litter but I chose Jim because of his dark fur and cheeky personality.”